Fun programming game for the whole family

Robogem is a fun-filled, action-packed strategy game for two to four players in which robots search for diamonds on a distant planet. Players steer their robots using simple commands, use different tactics, dodge obstacles, and try to be the first to grab the diamonds!

Robogem is a programming game where the difficulty increases as your skills improve, presenting a challenge for the whole family.

both kids and grown-ups.
Language independent!

How to play?


Additional Cards

It's time to take your programming skills to the next level! Robogem additional cards add more programming commands and fun to your Robogem board game.

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Robogem was designed in Finland by professional programmer Juha Paananen, whose passion is teaching programming to children.

Programming skills are set to become even more important in the future. Robogem is an easy way to get to grips with the basics of logical thinking and delivering precise commands. Just command your robot, collect diamonds and have fun in the process!

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